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£20 + VAT Document fee for all drummed waste per collection not per drum. All drummed waste is on an exchange system so we will replace a full for an empty drum unless otherwise stated. A £40.00 charge will apply if the waste has been collected by an alternative waste company and we have not been informed prior to arrival or the details of the products have been given incorrectly. For any items not listed, please contact us and we'll be happy to advise. April 2018.



Collection Charges

Waste Oil: Up to 2,000 Ltrs (per collection)
£100.00 + VAT
Waste Oil: Over 2,000 Ltrs
£Please call
£77.00 + VAT per Drum
Air Filters
£77.00 + VAT per Drum
Rags and Absorbants
£97.00 + VAT per Drum
Brake Fluid (this must be collected with other waste)
£27.00 + VAT per 25Ltr Drum
£97.00 + VAT per Drum
£77.00 + VAT per Drum
Paint Thinners/Solvents
£97.00 + VAT per Drum
Mixed Fuel
£87.00 + VAT per Drum
Grease Drum 205Ltr
£122.00 + VAT
Grease Drum 25Ltr
£62.00 + VAT
Empty 25Ltr Drums collecte/delivered
£17.00 + VAT per Drum
Empty 205Ltr Clip Top Filter Drums collected/delivered
£27.00 + VAT
Empty IBC collected/delivered
£52.00 + VAT
Waste soluble/coolant oil 205Ltrs
£87.00 + VAT
Mixed fuel 25Ltrs
£32.00 + VAT